A Testament to Craftsmanship and Detail

At Designers Choice Finishes, we take pride in every project we undertake, from the initial concept to the final brushstroke. Our portfolio showcases a diverse range of services, each executed with precision, passion, and a deep respect for the materials we work with. Dive into our recent projects to witness the unparalleled beauty and meticulous detail that define our work.

  • Finish Types

    Our mastery over various finish types sets us apart. Whether you seek the warmth of a traditional wood stain, the sophistication of a painted finish, or the opulence of metal leaf, our portfolio demonstrates our versatility and expertise in bringing out the best in every material.
  • Furniture Finishes

    Furniture is not just functional; it's a statement of style and craftsmanship. Our furniture finishes speak volumes about our commitment to excellence. From antique recreations to contemporary pieces, each project is a showcase of flawless finish and enduring beauty. Explore our portfolio to see how we transform quality materials into pieces of art.
  • Furniture Manufacturing

    Craftsmanship meets innovation in our furniture manufacturing projects. We blend traditional techniques with modern designs to create unique, bespoke pieces that perfectly fit our clients' visions and spaces. Our portfolio highlights custom pieces ranging from luxurious statement furniture to intricate, space-saving solutions.
  • On Site Finishes

    Bringing our expertise directly to your doorstep, our on-site finishes service ensures that every corner of your space reflects our high standards. This section of our portfolio exhibits how we enhance interiors by applying our finishes on-site, transforming spaces with precision and care without compromising on quality or detail.
  • Our Sample Room

    A glimpse into our creative process, the Sample Room is where ideas materialize. This exclusive section of our portfolio provides a behind-the-scenes look at the experimentation and innovation that precede the final finish. It's a testament to our dedication to perfection and the custom-tailored approach we take for each project.

Discover the elegance, versatility, and precision of Designers Choice Finishes through our comprehensive portfolio. Each project underscores our commitment to bringing your vision to life with unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. Contact us today to start your project and see your ideas transform into reality.